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ADVISE - Advanced Dynamic Validations using Integrated Simulation and Experimentation

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Final summary

The three-year project ADVISE (Advanced Dynamic Validations using Integrated Simulation and Experimentation) was accomplished within the European Commission 7th Framework Programme (FP7) under the Sustainable Surface Transport Activity. The ADVISE consortium included research laboratories, universities, instrument suppliers, and companies from the automotive and aerospace industry.

ADVISE was a pre-normative project for quantitative validation of numerical simulations of dynamic events using image-based methods of deformation measurement. Dynamic events such as impact and crash are especially important in considering the safety aspects of means of transportation. Recent advances in modelling the impact of two- and three-dimensional composite structures were brought together with tests using optical techniques for deformation measurement.

To ensure the reliability of the experimental instruments reference materials for dynamic calibration have been developed. The ADVISE reference materials allow to calibrate full-field optical methods of deformation measurement in cyclic, transient and non-linear dynamic events, and to establish traceability of the measurement results. In addition, methodologies for optical measurement and computational modelling have been optimised towards application in impacts.

A draft standard for experimental validation of dynamic simulations based on a unified approach to comparison of data-rich fields has been issued. This methodology allows for a quantitative assessment of a comparison of simulation results with experimental results and hence can be used for substantiating the claim of “good” representation; or for a quantitative assessment of the extent of damage when compared to an undamaged structure.

Finally, industrially relevant test cases, including aerospace sandwich panels and a car bonnet frame, have been taken through the methodologies to demonstrate their viability.

Constant dissemination through technical, professional and trade conferences and exhibitions was performed to reach both the scientific audience as well as the European industrial base. Links to standardization bodies were established to foster the uptake of the ADVISE outcome in future standardization activities.



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