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ADVISE - Advanced Dynamic Validations using Integrated Simulation and Experimentation

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Midterm summary

In the process of developing reference materials that allow traceability and calibration of full-field optical methods of deformation measurement in cyclic, transient and non-linear dynamic events, the following results have been obtained:
  • a list of essential attributes for the reference materials in the cyclic, transient and non-linear loading cases has been established; and
  • candidate designs for the reference material for cyclic loading have been identified and a generic design based on a vibrating membrane has been taken forward to a prototype
For the optimisation of methodologies for both optical measurement and computational modelling and simulation of non-linear, transient dynamic events the following steps have been taken:
  • a method for harmonization of the boundary conditions in experiment and simulation by using model updating;
  • an outline of a standard guide for deformation and strain measurement techniques has been drafted; and
  • industrially relevant case studies from the automotive and space industries have been identified, test specimens have been manufactured and made available, and the numerical models for the selected case studies have been established.
To optimise rigorous methodologies for the experimental validation of dynamic structural simulations preparatory steps have been taken which comprise
  • a definition of common characteristics of simulation and experimentation that enable integration of data outputs;
  • an evaluation and quantification of the influence of parameters affecting the quality of validation; and
  • the identification of strain components as quantitative damage assessment parameters. 



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