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ADVISE - Advanced Dynamic Validations using Integrated Simulation and Experimentation

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ADVISE is a pre-normative project for experimental validation of simulations of dynamic events using full-field optical methods of deformation measurement. Optical techniques are powerful tools for the evaluation of the performance, reliability, and safety of primary structures and for validating their computer design and simulations. The objectives of the current project are to address complex dynamic analysis and to use full-field data from experiments to validate in a quantitative manner numerical simulations. Dynamic events are especially important in safety aspects of the transportation industry. Whilst in engineering modelling the analysis of homogeneous materials subject to impact has become fairly routine, recent advances have been made in modelling the impact of two-dimensional composites and three-dimensional analysis is under development. The exciting opportunities to bring together advances in optical techniques with the developments in the modelling of composites in order to accelerate the latter and establish high levels of confidence through rigorous validation lead to the objectives of the project:
  • Development of reference materials that allow traceability and calibration of full-field optical methods of deformation measurement in cyclic, transient and non-linear dynamic events;
  • Optimisation of methodologies for both optical measurement and        computational modelling and simulation of non-linear, transient dynamic events;
  • Contributions to standardisation activity for experimental validation of dynamic simulations.
A unified approach throughout the design, simulation and validation processes is being taken. Partners include research laboratories, finite element analysis experts, instrument suppliers, and industrial end-users from the aerospace and automotive sectors.



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