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ADVISE - Advanced Dynamic Validations using Integrated Simulation and Experimentation

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Work Packages

WP 1    Project Coordination

This work package is concerned with the financial administration and technical management of the project. 

WP 2    Advanced Tools for Simulation & Experimentation

The subject of this work package is the assessment and optimization of advanced tools for simulation of dynamic events and for experiments involving dynamic events affecting composite materials and components in vehicles.
The objectives of WP2 are associated with harmonizing the common characteristics of both simulation and experiments, identifying quantitative damage parameters for composites structures, and with optimizing the tools for both simulation and experiment.  
The limitations of numerical models and experiments are usually different and can lead to a divergence of the boundary conditions which in turn can make integration of the results difficult or impossible.  This work will include the use of model-updating methods.
Quantifying damage in composite vehicle components supports the assessment of structural integrity and in particular residual life.  A high level of confidence can be achieved through good quality validation.  
The outcome will enable a realistic case study on Experimental Validation, and will result in the generation of a draft standard guide for optical deformation measurements in dynamic events

WP 3    Dynamic Calibration

This work package is concerned with the Development of Reference Materials for dynamic events.  The aim is to produce a unified set of reference materials for cyclic, transient and non-linear events.

The rational decision making model is applied and leads the participants through definition of essential and desirable attributes, identification of alternative solutions, quantitative evaluation of alternatives against attributes, and selection of the preferred solution. 

Specification of the reference materials will be in a format suitable for incorporation in a draft standard or ISO Technology Trend Assessment. 

WP 4    Experimental Validation

This work package is concerned with generating a generalised methodology for integrating data from experiments and simulations.  Current practice tends to focus on identifying hot-spots in the data and checking that the two approaches agree in these critical zones.  This highly localised approach neglects the majority of the data generated by optical techniques and carries with it the risk that critical regions will be missed all together.  Work will  consider full-field comparison methods that will lead to the establishment of confidence levels for the numerical models.  These methods and the reference materials developed in WP3 will be evaluated through case studies  using industrial components manufactured from composite and subjected to a dynamic event. 

Whilst the impact in homogeneous panels is a relatively straightforward task, the simulation of impact and subsequent development of damage in a composite panel is probably at the leading edge of current knowledge. The simulation of such events in curved or a three-dimensional composite panel is just beyond current capabilities.  The aim will be to optimise the simulation methodologies so that curved panels can be reliably modelled during dynamic events. Experimentation and simulations will be performed on the components and the resultant data integrated to generate a validation. 

Finally, a set of guidelines based on the unified methodology for experimental validation will be made available to the industry in a standard guide.

WP 5    Dissemination Activity

This work package is concerned with liaison with technical and standards organisations (VAMAS TWA26 on optical techniques of strain measurement.; NAFEMS on FE Analyses; CEN and ISO). 

The dissemination of the unified methodologies and reference materials to the EU industrial base is important since significant benefits can accrue from their informal adoption.



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